OMAI is the first association of its kind created exclusively for OPERA managers worldwide and focusing on the very specialized business of opera. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the urgent need for more exchange of information, support, and collaboration amongst professional opera managers.

That’s why we are building a new unified community in the opera industry with the mission of providing more transparency, building trust, establishing strong relationships and advocating for our members worldwide.


Board of Directors

Board Members

Honorary Member

  • Luca Targetti in memoriam (1956 – 2020)

Committees | Work groups

Opera Committee: Dari Dimova (Chair), Christopher Carroll, Mitchell Piper, James Black, Tali Calderon, Sandra Hormozi, Helen Sykes, Graham Cozzubbo, Michael Morelli, Marc Mazy, Markus Laska, Dominique Riber, Teddy Gerstel, Sarah Stephens, Tomasz Pasternak & Miguel Rodriguez

Communication Committee: Markus Laska (Chair), Sarah Stephens, Natalia Neumann, Barbara Zamek, Marc Mazy, Gloria Parker, Robin Blauers-Piper & Marie-Catherine LePointe

Digital Committee: Graham Cozzubbo, Agata Ubysz, Günther Obwexer, Aaron Grant, Aaron Sanko

Membership Committee:  Samuel Krum

Conflict Resolution Committee: Mitchell Piper, Jeffrey Larson, Marc Mazy