OMAI Advantages of Membership

The main advantage is to become a member of community that is acting to unify, support and advocate for its members worldwide.

OMAI will be active in three sectors:

Between Members

  • OMAI will give you access to an international network of highly skilled professionals with years of expertise in the management field.
  • OMAI is borderless. Managers from every corner of the world are members and can quickly update you on their specific region and any issues in theatres therein.
  • OMAI provides a streamlined approach to being informed.  Membership in OMAI promotes collaborative relationships between managers, open communication and sharing of relevant information within the performing arts industry. Members have other managers’ contact information in one resource.
  • OMAI offers the possibility to create a unified response to the varied issues that managers are often forced to deal with throughout the industry.
  • OMAI will be in position to negotiate savings/discount for his members in all opera-related magazines, press, websites or organisations.
  • OMAI will provide members a strong presence in press and social media to promote events and causes.
  • OMAI will offers up to date news through our forums & newsletter.
  • OMAI offers support for all members through the establishment of regular dialogue between managers to help manage the many challenges, whether related to health, VISA, contractual, media, or issues that we regularly encounter. 
  • The OMAI Code of Professional Practice encourages trust building, consensus and respect between members.
  • OMAI can help to negotiate conflicts between members in a respectful and time saving manner.

Towards the Market

  • OMAI offers a label of quality and a certificate of belonging to a valued and respected artist management association.   
  • OMAI opens the possibility to improve the communication with opera houses for artists & managers alike. In dealings with theatres, issues may arise where you will find it is advantageous to get input from other managers dealing with the same issue, or a similar one, and to then collectively speak with one voice.
  • The association acts as an advocate in the industry on behalf of its members to defend our work, rights and reputation.
  • OMAI membership provides each member with a label of quality, that can be used in your signatures and websites: “Proud member OMAI – Opera Managers Association International e.V”

Towards Artists

  • OMAI offers a label of quality of belonging to a valued and respected artist management association that gives its members more prestige and a better image to entice new potential clients.
  • OMAI will be in position to advise artists about advertising campaigns and negotiate better conditions and discounts for them in media with such organizations.