OMAI Conflict Resolution Committee Guidelines

The Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC) is created to assist OMAI members in mediating and resolving conflict issues between managers. Committee members shall act with integrity and in the best interest of OMAI and the artist management profession. The Committee’s responsibilities will be to uphold the OMAI Code of Professional Conduct in a conflict, strive to minimize damage to conflicting parties and help members avoid litigation.

The Committee and Committee Chair

· Three OMAI members will represent the Committee.
· The Committee Chair will be the OMAI President.
· The Committee Chair is responsible for overseeing and guiding the grievance process.
· If a Committee member has a conflict of interest or is implicated, they must recuse themselves from the hearings. The Chair will appoint a replacement.
· If the Chair has a conflict of interest or is implicated, they must recuse themselves from the hearings. The remaining Committee members shall appoint a replacement.

The Conflict Resolution Process

· Any OMAI member may bring a grievance against another manager to the Committee.
· The grievance must be submitted in writing.
· The Committee will review the grievance and notify the other member.
· The implicated member may respond in writing.
· The grievance procedure allows for confidential hearings and will facilitate a dialogue between the managers.
· The grievance procedure aims to resolve the conflict to the satisfaction of both parties and avoid litigation.
· The Committee can impose disciplinary action, including expulsion from OMAI.
· The process and details of the resolution shall be confidential, unless all parties waive confidentiality in writing.

Committee Guidelines

· The Committee will honor the OMAI Code of Professional Conduct as the basis of evaluating and resolving the conflict.
· Committee members commit to full confidentiality.
· Committee members commit to listening and allowing time to both parties equally.
· Committee members commit to evaluating the grievance with an open mind and impartiality.
· The Committee will determine whether a breach of OMAI Code of Professional Conduct has taken place.
· All parties shall agree not to speak disparagingly about the conflicting parties or Committee members before, during or after the process.
· Legal disclaimers and protections are outlined in the OMAI by-laws.