All applicants must complete the Membership Application and email it to Membership Team representative Samuel Krum


  1.  Any agency or manager wishing to join OMAI must have been operational or working in the opera industry for at least 24 months at the time of application.
  2. The agency or manager must be directly involved in the management of artists who spend at least part of their working life in the field of opera (as opposed to only recitals, concert work, musical-theatre or straight theatre).  This includes singers, conductors, directors, stage, lighting, and costume designers as well as composers and librettists.
  3. Each agency is allowed to have up to two additional members actively engaged in the association. However, each agency is allowed only one vote collectively within the association.
  4. All applicants agree to pay an annual membership fee in the amount of €200 (from 2024 onward).
  5. All applicants must agree to follow OMAI’s Code of Professional Conduct.

  • MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM: Here you can find the membership application that you must fill out and sign.
  • FEE PAYMENT: membership fee of €200 (from 2024 onward). Payment information will be sent when we receive the membership application.

Thank you very much.